We have worked with these Local Bands and Performers:
 Bayside High                                                                                   Scarecrow Hill   
 Tower Hill                                                                                         Defret                         
 The Quins                                                                                         At Risk Youth
 Sadie Vada                                                                                       Fuel of War
 Cruel Miracle                                                                                   Affliction
 Adrian Chisholm                                                                             Oilhead
 All Rhymes                                                                                       Stryk Nine
Bag Full of Blues                                                                              The Council Chords
Tear Drop Tank                                                                                The Cultured
Ney Miranda & CV Vibe                                                                   Jennifer Matthews
The Sound Lab                                                                                 Grace Morrison
The Angry Bees                                                                                Loud & Clear
Whiskey Burn                                                                                   Four In A Row
The Urge